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On-Site Electrostatic Painting ... We Refinish Metals with No Messy Overspray!

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Office Buildings
  • Filing Cabinets & Office Furniture
  • Restroom Stalls / Modesty Panels
  • Door & Window Frames
  • Elevators and Staircases
  • Air Handling Units
  • Railing, Fencing, Sign Posts

Grocery & Retail
  • Refrigeration Cases & Displays
  • Checkout Counters
  • Metal Office Furniture
  • Restroom Stalls & Door Frames
  • Railings, Awnings & Light Poles
  • Pallet Racking & Storage Cases

Schools & Fitness
  • School Hall Lockers
  • Radiator / Air Handler Covers
  • Chain Link Fencing & Railing
  • Restroom Partitions & Doors
  • Modesty Panels
  • Athletic Lockers & Benches

Factory & Fabricators
  • Machinery
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Metal Fabrications for OEMs
  • Cages, Racks, Railings & Fencing
  • Metal Office Furniture
  • Air Handlers & Utility Enclosures

  • Chain Link Fencing
  • Wrought Iron, Railing & Stairs
  • Door & Window Mullions
  • Utility Compounds & Rooftop HVAC
  • Parking Structures & Light Poles

... and many, many more

Healthcare & Property Management
  • Restroom Stalls, Partitions & Panels
  • Lab Hoods & Cabinets
  • Door, Window & Elevator Frames
  • Radiator & HVAC Casings
  • Fencing, Railing & Staircases
  • Light Poles & Sign Posts

Our electrostatic painting companies in Indiana, North Carolina and Georgia provide customers with exceptional quality, a combined 200+ years of electrostatic refinishing experience, a commitment to quality and an extensive service area.

Cost-Effective… Electrostatic painting is not always the “cheapest” upfront option, but it’s often the smartest, most cost-effective method for several reasons:

  1. We work on-site at your location, so you avoid dismantling & shipping costs.

  2. Our tough interior epoxy and exterior urethane paints will outlast other finishes.

  3. The “wrapping” effect covers and protects surfaces other methods would miss, extending the life of the metal.

  4. You will incur less “soft costs” due to our contained process. In most cases you don’t even have to remove the contents of what’s being painted.  

  5. Down-time to your business is minimized by our flexible hours, fast drying paint and the clean, contained process.

  6. Less chance of collateral overspray damage to plants or surroundings.

  7. Extended Warrantees available.

  8. Rust encapsulation and inhibiting primers available.

Convenient… We can refinish your items after hours, on weekends or during shutdowns so upon your return you have a fresh, updated environment. Additionally, since the process is so clean, frustrations to your personnel and disruptions to your business or manufacturing operations are greatly reduced or avoided altogether.

Clean… There is virtually no overspray so there’s no mess or paint mist floating around your facility. There is also less solvent vapor since our process uses a fraction of the paint required with traditional painting methods.

High Quality… Our experienced technicians, with the electrostatic painting process’ “surface-wrapping” magic, will restore a factory-like finish to even the most intricate metal pieces.

Wide Reach… Collectively, our members routinely service Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Virginia and Alabama. For our larger, multiple location and chain store customers we will service nearly anything east of the Mississippi.

Environmentally Friendly… our process is “Lifestyle Green”

  1. Our epoxy and urethane enamel paints last 3 to 4 times longer than other coatings, extending the life of the metal and reducing overall bio-burden over its life.

  2. The transfer efficiency of our process is nearly 100% so virtually NO particulates are released into the air.

  3. Less paint is required for complete coverage resulting in far less VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants) released into the atmosphere.

  4. We also offer an optional, even more environmentally-friendly line of paints with 42% less VOCs and no HAPs.

  5. We PROUDLY recycle all our solvents!



Electro Painters Midwest • (800) 899-8817 

Primarily serving Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee & Missouri

Electro Painters Southeast • (800) 899-6249

Primarily serving North & South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Florida and Alabama