Electrostatic Refinishing of Chain-Link Fence, Wrought Iron, Poles, etc. with Weather-Resistant Urethane Paint

The list of exterior applications for electrostatic painting is endless, but if it’s made of metal we probably have experience painting it.  Imagine all the metal items requiring a weather and sun resistant urethane finish where you can’t afford messy overspray … allow us to work our static magic! 

The directional spray pattern of traditional painting techniques simply won’t provide the complete coverage required to protect fencing and intricate metal products. The electrostatic process wraps all sides of the metal with a protective coating of paint with virtually no overspray. Based on the condition of the metal, specific requirements and the intended application of the item, the same electrostatic process can be used to apply rust inhibiting primer.

When you’re looking for a high-quality finish that will stand up to the elements for years, call Electro Painters!