Electrostatic Painting/Refinishing metal Doors and Window Frames, Handrails, Cabinets and Other Metals in Sensitive Areas

• Laboratory Cabinets
• Fume Hoods
• Nursing Stations
• Restroom Partitions
• Shower Stalls
• Elevators & Staircases
• Balconies & Handrails
• Metal Office Furniture
• Door / Window Frames
• HVAC Housings
• Chain Link Fencing
• Wrought Iron & Railings
• Light & Sign Poles
• Maintenance Equipment
• Utility Enclosures

Hygienic… Sensitive healthcare environments require the tough, smooth finish of sprayed epoxy yet can ill afford the messy overspray of traditional spray painting techniques. Our on-site electrostatic painting process ‘wraps’ even the most intricate metals with a durable, non-porous epoxy finish which does not harbor germs and is impervious to disinfectants, greatly enabling your fight against MRSA and other pathogens.

Cost-Effective… Healthcare is rich with applications for the on-site electrostatic painting process on surfaces exposed to patients, employees, specimens or pathogens. These surfaces must be perfectly maintained to prevent harbors for germs, yet are too expensive to simply replace due to surface damage.

In addition to the metals in patients and specimen care areas, our process can restore many other items throughout your facilities.  Lockers, benches, bathroom or restroom stalls and partitions, radiator covers, metal furniture, book cases, light poles, rooftop air handling units, railing and fences can be restored and protected electrostatically for a fraction of the cost of new.

Property managers face their own unique challenges.  Guests and tenants demand a certain level of aesthetics while owners and landlords are under constant financial constraints.  An electrostatic refinishing could be the answer to both; a pleasing, fresh, factory-like appearance at a fraction of the cost of new with no downtime.  Let Electro Painters work their magic on your metal elevator, door and window frames, handrails, HVAC housings and restroom stalls, partitions and modesty panels.

We will custom color match your existing décor or you can choose virtually any color you’d like. We also carry the formula matches of the leading manufactures of lab equipment, lockers, office furniture, etc.