Electrostatic Painting and Refinishing of Machines, Railing, Staircases, Racks, Ironworks and many other metals …

• Machinery
• Metal Fabrications
• Storage Cages & Racks
• Metal Office Furniture
• Material Handling Equipment
• HVAC & Utility Boxes
• Door & Window Frames
• Maintenance Equipment
• Railing & Stairs
• Light Poles
• Chain Link Fencing
• Utility Compounds

Cost-Effective… When you’re dealing with multi-ton, high-priced machines, “ON-SITE” and “IN-PLACE” are necessities of your refinishing and financial considerations. With the equipment churning out profit for your company, you can’t afford to shut the entire operation down for days or weeks, so electrostatic painting is your answer. 

Clean and Safe… Lack of overspray allows us to safely and cleanly refinish machinery, material handling equipment, racks, etc. in very close proximity to neighboring, ongoing operations.   

Flexible…Our crews work flexible hours so we can refinish your equipment during your off hours or routine maintenance schedule to minimize or eliminate downtime. Your choice of colors is endless, so we meet nearly any design goal (safety, aesthetics, color-coding, etc).

Attention Fabricators!  Allow us to be your electrostatic painting job shop. Avoid handling/shipping expenses and/or the inefficiencies of running your own painting operations by using our on-site services matched to your production schedule.  Alternatively, all of our members are equipped to stage and paint in their own facilities.