Clean Electrostatic Refinishing of File Cabinets, Metal Office Furniture, Elevators, etc. with Durable Epoxy Paint

• Filing Cabinets
• Metal Office Furniture
• Modesty Panels
• Restroom Partitions
• Teller Counters / ATMs
• Door / Window Mullions
• Elevators & Staircases
• Air Handling Units
• Awnings
• Light Poles & Sign Posts
• Chain Link Fencing
• Wrought Iron Railings

Minimal Disruption, No Frustration… Why paralyze your operations and frustrate your staff if you don’t have to? Our clean, contained process eliminates the need for extensive protective measures and in most cases you don’t even have to remove the contents of drawers and filing cabinets.

Cost-Effective… For a fraction of the cost of buying new office furniture, Electro Painters will beautify your offices, extend the life of your metal furniture and increase morale with virtually no disruption to your productivity.

Clean… We will coordinate our activities with your off-hours and refinish your metal products with no mess or overspray. You arrive the next day to a new and beautiful environment with everything in its place and ready for a productive day!

High Quality… Older metal items such as filing cabinets, desks, radiator covers, book cases, restroom stalls/partitions and modesty panels are often of higher quality than those made today, but simply require a facelift from years of use. Even if you are buying a few new pieces, Electro Painters will restore the factory-like appearance to surrounding metal office furniture and fixtures. 

In addition to your immediate office environment, our process is perfect for elevator, window and door mullions, metal staircases and handrails. For exterior work, our special two-component urethane offers a tough, long-lasting finish with excellent gloss retention, color stability and weatherability, which will beautify and extend the life of your facility’s chain-link fencing, wrought iron, parking structure metals, staircases, light poles, outbuildings, rooftop air handling units, awnings, etc. 

We can custom color match your existing or new décor and/or you can choose from standard colors of all the leading manufactures, including Steelcase, Allsteel, HON, Lyon, Republic Steel, and others.