Electrostatic Painting for Refinishing Refrigerated Merchandisers, Display Cases, Storefronts and Window Mullions with Minimal Disruption to Your Business

• Refrigeration Cases
• Checkout Counters
• Display Cases / Racks
• Light Fixtures
• Chain Link Fence
• Light Poles & Sign Posts
• Elevators & Staircases
• Restroom Stalls
• Wrought Iron Railings
• Awnings
• Metal Furniture
• Pallet Racking

Experience & Wide Reach…  Electro Painters specializes in electrostatically refinishing the sensitive environments of the retail food industry.  We have refinished literally 1000’s of groceries and supermarkets across Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, the Virginias, the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida and Alabama. Our members will service virtually anything east of the Mississippi, making us the perfect choice for large and small chain customers.

Clean / Minimal Disruption…  There’s virtually no mess or overspray, so unless you want the inside painted, in most instances you don’t even have to remove the contents of the cases, saving you time and aggravation. To further minimize disruption to your business, we can coordinate our activities with your off-hours. You arrive the next day to a new and beautiful environment with everything in its place and ready for a productive and profitable day!

Cost-Effective…  For a fraction of the cost of installing new equipment, we will refinish your grocery refrigeration cases, pallet racking, display cases, and checkout counters on-site and in place.  No wasted labor, shipping or downtime!

We can custom color match your existing or new décor and/or you can choose from standard colors of all the leading manufactures, including Hussman, Tyler, Kysor-Warren, Hill-Phoenix, Pan-Oston, Burroughs and others.