Frequently Asked Questions about Electrostatic Painting:
Information about Electrostatic Painting/Refinishing and Electro Painters


Not all electrostatic painting processes are equal! Electro Painters uses the highly specialized Ransburg #2 spray equipment, which atomizes and statically charges the atomized paint as it leaves the spray head, driven only by centrifugal force. The positively charged paint seeks grounded metals and "wraps" around even the most intricate shapes. Unlike conventional spray processes, the paint is statically drawn only to the metal from all directions, so there is no overspray, spatters or mess. Give us a call or email us if you’d like more detail and we’d be happy to share the magic.
We work at your convenience - after hours or weekends when necessary to minimize disruption of your business. Since we use fast drying epoxy paint with no overspray, your filing cabinets, metal desks, chairs - almost anything metal - can be refinished to the color of your choice, on-site and overnight! The next morning, you arrive to a fresh, vibrant place of business.
• No overspray. • Hygienic – the non-porous surface does not create a harbor for MRSA and other pathogens. • Impervious to disinfectants and common cleaning solutions. • Factory-like enamel finish. • Cost effective. • Done on-site (we come to you). • Less frustration to your staff. • Minimal interruption of your business. • Dries to the touch in about an hour and is ready for light use the next morning.
• 200+ Years of Experience on Staff • Endless Color Options • Extremely Wide Service Area • Flexible Hours • Finest Equipment and Paint • Free Estimates • Fully Insured • References Available
Interior – We use two-component polyamide epoxy enamel for office furnishings, lockers, refrigeration cases, machinery of all kinds and most other interior metals, which offers an unequaled combination of adhesion, toughness and chemical resistance. This epoxy enamel is specifically formulated for use with electrostatic spray guns and is factory adjusted for electrical conductivity. This paint is self-priming on properly prepared, non-rusted surfaces. Exterior – We recommend and commonly use our two-component urethane enamel paint specially formulated for use with electrostatic spray equipment. This urethane enamel offers exceptional gloss retention and weatherability equal to 3 or 4 times that of conventional high grade enamels. It is resistant to gasoline, hydraulic fluids, liquid coolants and most chemical fumes or spills with a heat resistance to 3000F. Our urethane enamel is perfect for wrought iron, fences, tanks, metal enclosures, trailers, recreational equipment, awnings and hundreds of other items exposed to the elements. Primer – When needed, we most often use a two-component epoxy primer, formulated to provide outstanding adhesion, toughness and flexibility with a highly effective rust inhibitor. Note: The list of finished outlined above is representative of those most commonly used. Other finished are occasionally required or requested by customers. MSDS Sheets are available for all products we use.
Absolutely! Given the specialized nature of our process, a high percentage of our jobs are done in conjunction with other upgrades. We frequently work with or through general contractors and mechanical contractors. We also specialize in working with original equipment vendors to match or coordinate the finishes of items not being replaced.
YES, let us be your paint shop! We can handle virtually any size or shape products. Ideally, we would coordinate a schedule to paint staged products at you place of business to avoid wasted shipping and handling damage, but we can paint them in our own shop as well.
Yes. We are happy to paint your items in our facilities, but since our process is so clean and our hours are so flexible, most of our work is done on-site to minimize downtime and inconvenience to the customer.
A vast majority of our work is commercial, industrial or institutional, but we are happy to accept appropriate residential work, such as large exterior fencing jobs, metal staircases and ornamental wrought iron.
Yes, each member has represented that they are fully insured to cover both themselves and their clients. Coverage includes General Liability, Auto Liability, Excess/Umbrella Liability, Workman's Compensation and Employer's Liability. Certificates of Insurance are readily available to our customers.
For the most part, only the surfaces to be painted need to be empty, so unless cases, files and/or desks are to be painted inside and out they do not need to be emptied. In some cases, we request the top two drawers of tall lateral files be emptied for safety reasons. We do ask our customers to remove everything from the top of items to be painted and to leave them unlocked. This allows us to edge the top and sides of drawers.
Electro Painters’ jobs are bid to include whatever is necessary to assure the highest quality result. In general, our quotes and process includes: 1. Removal of tape, tags, plates and other debris. 2. Surface sanding to assure good adhesion of the new paint to the old surface. 3. Surfaces are wiped down with solvents and / or degreasers. 4. Masking of parts not to be painted. 5. Priming when and as required, which would be included in the quote. 6. Replace removed parts, unmask and cleanup. Some surfaces require more extensive preparation, which may require upcharges, outside vendors or customer involvement. Examples of preparation NOT commonly included: • Power-washing (we can include this in the quote). • Sandblasting (we recommend using a sandblasting specialist). • Grinding (customer’s maintenance department or specialist). • Disconnection of hoses, belts, power, computers, etc. (our process will be running several thousand volts of static electricity through the metal, so it's imperative to disconnect sensitive equipment).
Yes, we stand behind our work and we make sure we can by using the highest quality paints which will stand up to years of normal daily routine, the best equipment and the most experienced painters. If we make a mistake we fix it. Warranties, offered by both the paint manufacturers and ElectroPainters, are written specific to the application and are available on request
Yes. We offer a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), HAP-free (Hazardous Air Pollutants) products for interior and exterior use, which are equal in all testing parameters to our standard epoxy and urethane paints. By weight, these Environmentally Friendly paints have only 58% as much Volatile Organic Compounds as regular electrostatic coatings. Note: The electrostatic painting process is the natural "Green" or "Lifecycle Green" alternative to conventional techniques because: • Our epoxy and urethane enamel paints last 3 to 4 times longer than other coatings, extending the life of the metal and reducing overall bio-burden over its life. • The transfer efficiency of our process is nearly 100% so virtually NO particulates are released into the air. • Less paint is required for complete coverage resulting in far less VOCs released into the atmosphere. • We PROUDLY recycle all our solvents!